Cascara Sagrada

Categories: Nutrition, Intestinal System

Symptom: Constipation, Colon Disorders, Liver Problems, Poor Digestion, Colitis, Hemorrhoids, Skin Problems

Cascara Sagrada (Intestinal), known as sacred bark, is one of Nature’s Sunshine’s most popular herbal products. Its popularity is no accident. As a nutritional support for the eliminative function, the bark has been used by cultures around the world, including the Native North Americans and American settlers. Spanish missionaries noticed its use among the natives and called it sacred; hence, the Spanish name. It was first marketed in 1877, and was later acknowledged and used by the medical profession.

Nature’s Sunshine offers the herb individually or in many combinations. It’s available in gelatin capsules and all-botanical Vegitabs®. Each capsule contains 390 mg cascara sagrada (Vegitabs 410 mg).

Take 2 capsules/tablets with a meal twice daily.

Cascara Sagrada is also available in these combination packages:

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