Chromium (GTF)

Categories: Glandular System

Symptom: High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure

Chromium, GTF (Glandular) is a trace mineral that plays a role in regulating blood sugar levels. Each "glucose tolerance factor" (GTF) molecule, a hormonelike compound, requires chromium as its central atom. GTF works with insulin to transport glucose from the blood into the cells. When this function is not working properly, the cells resist insulin and do not properly absorb the glucose needed for energy.

The liver also needs chromium to manufacture fatty acids, lecithin, cholesterol and lipoproteins. Without chromium, blood fats tend to rise because the liver cannot filter them out. Processing destroys much of the chromium content in foods. Each tablet of Chromium (GTF) contains 500 mcg of chromium amino acid chelate and chromium nicotinate in a base of horsetail, red clover and yarrow.

Take 1 tablet daily with a meal.

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