Uña de Gato (Cat's Claw)

Categories: Immune System, Digestive System, Structural System

: Inflammation

Uña de Gato (cat’s claw) (Immune) is well-known in South America and is rapidly gaining popularity in the U.S. as a remarkable tonic herb. Many have experienced such wonderful results that uña de gato (Uncaria tomentosa) is now considered equal, if not superior, to the world’s foremost immune-fortifying herbs: echinacea, golden seal, pau d'arco, garlic and Siberian ginseng. >It has also been compared favorably with shark cartilage and caprylic acid. It is particularly beneficial to the immune, digestive and structural systems.

A vine that grows in the highland rainforests of Peru, uña de gato may take more than two decades to mature. It is known to climb trees more than 100 feet tall. It also grows thorns resembling the claws of a cat (hence its name). In order to protect this highly valued herb, the Peruvian government restricts harvesting of the root. Only the inner bark is harvested, leaving the root untouched and able to regenerate for many years to come. The inner bark provides all the beneficial alkaloide found in uña de gato.

Uña de gato came to the attention of scientist Klaus Keplinger in 1974 during a conversation he had with an Ashaninka indian from Peru. The Ashaninkas have long regarded uña de gato tea as a sacred herbal panacea. Since that time, several countries around the world have investigated its extraordinary benefits. Each capsule of Nature's Sunshine Uña de Gato contains 300 mg of uña de gato combined with astragalus and echinacea. All have immune-enhancing properties. Uña de Gato Liquid Herb contains only certified Uncaria tomentosa.

Take one Nature's Sunshine Uña de Gato capsule or 15-20 drops of liquid daily with a meal.

Nature's Sunshine Uña de gato provides 300mg of uña de gato per capsule, combined with astragalus and echinacea; Uña de gato liquid provides 500mg pure uña de gato extract per 1 ml serving.

Uña de Gato is also available in the following combination:

Uña de Gato
(Cat's Claw)
Nature's Sunshine
100 Capsules

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